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Jasper Andres

Hi! I am Jasper Andres, people call me Jas and I’m from the Philippines. My family and I moved to New Zealand towards the end of 2008. My parents decided for us to settle down in this country as there are more opportunities here than back home.

In saying that, studying was never my forte as I would always choose to hangout with my friends and play computer games instead of having my head down doing homework. I enrolled at Kelston Boys High School and started at a low level.

I then decided to pick myself up and start a new. Since then I focused on studying and achieved multiple awards and excellences. I also had the chance to pursue my dream as an architect with a scholarship in Victoria University with the help of my high grades.

Sadly this dream was never chased as my family could not afford the international fees. My dream to be an architect was postponed, so after high school I decided to start working. I was a screen printer for less than a year and before that ended my bestfriend asked me if I could do a tattoo on him. We both searched for the materials online and got my very first kit.

I taught myself the basic skills with the help of browsing through online and did my first ever tattoo. It carried on and been practicing on my friends ( I’m not too sure if I still have them as friends ). As I did trial and error on how the tattoo machine works I met someone who introduced me to a tattoo studio ( Monique’s Euro Tattoo Shop ) where I started my apprenticeship.

I completely fell in love with inking people’s skin! My apprenticeship lasted a year and I had their guidance until the shop closed down. This time I finally hit the road and start tattooing on my own.

After a few months of tattooing privately I decided to take a break and go for a vacation. In the middle of my holiday I saw a post online about Tritoan creating a new studio and also searching for artists to join his team. At first I was very hesitant to make the call. A few days when I got back I finally made the call and I was asked to check out the shop.

As I stepped in and I thought ‘ Wow! Working with this guy and his friendly team in a unique studio would be a dream come true! ‘. I consider myself lucky to be chosen as one of his artists and be taken under his wings. That’s enough of me, I can’t wait to hear the story behind your tattoo. So come and meet our team! Looking forward to meeting you all!

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