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Phoebe Hunter

Hey everyone, Phoebe here! If you’ve ever ventured over to our Facebook page, you’ve probably already spoken to me, I’m Tritoan’s current apprentice/cleaner/number one fan at Seventh Day studio.

You can often find me loitering around the stations hassling the artists for information or sitting at our desk drawing.

Although I may be young, (if you want to find out how young come by the studio, book and appointment and maybe i’ll tell you) I discovered a passion for art early on in life and i’d spend my mornings watching cartoons and annoying my mum by wasting all of our printer paper drawing whatever came to mind.

I studied art throughout school and spent pretty much all my spare time trying to get as good as possible, trying my hand at as many different art forms as possible, especially if I was bad at them.

It wasn’t really until I went with my Brother to get his first piece when I was about 9 or 10 that I realised how cool tattoos were and how much they interested me. While drawing was always a passion of mine I originally intended to be a veterinarian, a profession I would not advise going into if you can’t handle gore. After realising that maybe that wasn’t for me I did what most high school graduates who don’t know what they want to do with their life do and enrolled for university in a course I didn’t really care about. I struggled through to stage 2 psychology until I decided that I was better off being happy then doing something I hated and turned my attention to finding an apprenticeship in tattooing.

I got incredibly lucky with my timing and the fact that Tri was willing to give me a second shot, and so landed myself the role as his new apprentice. I’ve been at the studio for a while now and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else; never will you meet a group of friendlier, down to earth people then here.

I’m so humbled to be able to learn off of not only Tritoan himself but to have the support of so many talented artists. So if you like great people and great art then be sure to come check us out!